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strategies for A safe re-opening

Aliveschool has been working diligently to develop safe strategies for the re-opening of the school semester beginning in the Fall 2020.  Our protocols and plans prioritize the health and safety concerns for both our staff and the communities we proudly serve.  Among those strategies, our services will feature new and innovative technologies to provide 100% contactless payments and pre-order menu platforms. Additional information pertaining your particular school community can be found by clicking under the school name.

Like you, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, local authorities directives regarding the matter and remain in contact with the Heads of Schools for further changes as needed.  We will also update this page to provide any details and information regarding upcoming services and/or news as they become available.  In the meantime, we remain at your service as always to answer any queries regarding our policies or any other questions regarding cafeteria services.  If you wish to reach out, please contact us at the respective schools' email.  If you need help finding the correct email address click here. To get the latest updates sent to your mailbox sign up here.  A copy of our protocol can be accessed here

Lastly, like many of you, we have taken these past months to read, to learn, to reflect and in our case, reimagine our services. Moving forward, we want to assure you that we have evaluated many options and have chosen a set of tools that we believe will provide the safest and best solutions to provide cafeteria services for our communities.  Just like you, we have also found ourselves having to adjust and readjust in light of the ever-evolving back to school scenarios. As things may continue to change along the way, we welcome your feedback more than ever to make up for those "one-on-one" conversations at the cafeteria; because the one thing that hasn't changed is our commitment to provide the highest quality of healthy food and service to all of you.

We look forward to serving yout; 'til then be safe, and keep someone else safe.    

Maria Elena & Ysa


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