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In 2005 we founded our first company Alive Food and Fitness, with a healthy lifestyle company vision.  Our services included both the food and exercise components of leading a healthy lifestyle.  These services included:   a food delivery service called Alivebags, physical training for adults, high performance training for young adults and youth summer camps.  But it was at our restaurant Alive Eatery (which kids dubbed "the tree house"),  that a group of parents from Saint John’s School approached us with the idea of becoming their cafeteria operators. 


As they explained, they were looking to dramatically change the traditional fare of high sugar, fried food school cafeteria offerings to a high quality, healthy and varied options.  They added that even though we were not offering school cafeteria services, our expertise and food philosophy lead them to believe we would make the perfect candidates for the job.  So, after careful consideration, we decided that it was a natural extension of our original vision and entered the RFP process in 2010. 


The deadline to submit the proposal found us in California with our Alive in Training group running the Big Sur marathon.  After which, we submitted our proposal to become Saint John’s cafeteria operator and continued our recovery period from the beautiful but grueling 26.2-mile route.  To this day, both events have proven to be unforgettable.    

In business, being the first has many challenges no matter how clear your vision and mission is.  This is particularly true if you happen to be guided by the tenet that nutrition is the key to optimal physical and educational development.  Simply put, when we opened the doors to the new,  Aliveschool cafeteria in 2010, kids were baffled (and frankly not that thrilled) to find that we did not have fried foods, sugary snacks or even sodas.  Instead, we had fruits, vegetables, home-made goods, baked chicken tenders that actually (quoting one skeptical kid) "tasted like chicken."    

Since 2010 our commitment to offer nutritious food using, fresh and high-quality ingredients that taste great has not changed.  With deep-seated roots in a company that makes leading a healthy lifestyle its priority, we have expanded into education projects such as cooking classes and promoting environmental wellness through composts and gardens. 


At the risk of sounding like a cliché - we truly love what we do.  And it is because of this fact, we are committed to constantly challenging ourselves to provide variety in food offerings and quality of service.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to offer our services, and we look forward to continued partnership with the community. More importantly, thank you for giving us the chance to provide nutritious food as well as the development of projects that further our contributions that promote the connection to food, health and environment wellness wherever Aliveschool takes us. 

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