developing palates and creating connections to food

Fresh | High quality |Home-made 

good, healthy food that tastes great

We founded Aliveschool with the idea that healthy food can be good tasty. Our menus feature fresh ingredients, high quality products and healthy cooking methods.   This means wild-caught salmon, lean cuts of meats, no fried foods and home-made sauces, soups and baked-goods. We also have a nut-free kitchen.


Children who eat tasty healthy food develop a palate for it and are more likely to lead a lifetime of healthy habits.

creating connections to food

We create educational modules to guide children through the food cycle.  Learning  about the provenance of food creates awareness about the quality of ingredients, the people who grow it and the environment's well-being. 




Aliveschool is proud to be a part of these communities, to provide good healthy food that tastes great and create connections to food.


From our Kitchen

We feature menu items that are fresh, high quality, baked, not fried and home-made.  Also, we are a nut-free kitchen.  

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