Goodbye, Hello PaySchools Central

Updated: Jun 29

Goodbye, hello PaySchools Central

We are excited to announce that we have upgraded to a better, more effective account management platform call PAYSCHOOLSCENTRAL

While the upgrade is intended to be seamless, we want to make you aware of the specifics of the transition.

1) First and foremost: this is also an account management service that reflects your cafeteria account. In other words, the same balance that was showing in your PayForit platform, will be reflected in the new PaySchools Central.

2) When logging into PayForIt, users will be prompted with a message that their PayForIt account has been replaced by PaySchools Central and will provide the link to access PaySchools Central.

3) Clicking the PaySchools Central link will re-direct users to the PaySchools Central login page.

4) The user will then login using their PayForIt email and passwords and will be prompted to confirm credentials, students migrated, and any pertinent information about their PayForIt account that has been migrated as part of this transition.

5) Auto-Replenishment is a feature of PaySchools Central as well. When you log into your account YOU WILL HAVE TO REVIEW THE SETTINGS and adjust the dates to program it again. This can be done by selecting the user menu and selecting Manage Auto Replenishment.


In addition to upgrading to this new platform, we have been able to negotiate better percentages for making online deposits. Online deposits' ICF will be as follows:

Checking-account transfer (ACH payments)

regardless of the amount to be deposited $1.95

Debit card or Credit card

Deposit amount is less than $50.00 $1.95

Credit Card

Deposit amount is more than $50.00 % 3.89 of the amount deposited

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